LPC Distinguished Researcher


Lesya Shchutska

What I will be working on:

In SUSY, the masses of coloured superpartners are pushed quite high by the Run I results; at the same time, the light gauginos still remain on the market, and are well motivated by the naturalness arguments. Therefore, with more data collected in 2016, I plan to concentrate on the searches for electroweakly produced SUSY with multilepton signatures, and ensure coverage of broad phase-space for possible new physics manifestation.

My role in CMS past and present:

I joined CMS in summer 2012 and since then have been actively searching for a new physics with leptonic final states: strongly and electroweakly produced supersymmetric particles. Since December 2014 I am serving as a Leptonic SUSY convener. In addition I contribute to the DPG of the CSC system, and have been assessing the ageing of CSC system with the Run I data in order to understand the longevity of these detectors in view of Run II and HL-LHC.