LPC Distinguished Researcher


Matthew Walker

What I will be working on:

Long-lived signatures are a readily accessible, yet under-utilized probe of new physics. I'll be focusing on long-lived particles that decay to jets, including a new search that looks for displaced vertices with only one outgoing jet. I'm also studying new techniques that help us improve our sensitivity to and our ability to characterize these types of models. I'll be continuing with my work to use machine learning to improve our tracking efficiency and purity, my work with the online Strips DAQ group, and searches for new physics in multilepton final states.

My role in CMS past and present:

Since joining CMS in 2011, I've worked on searches for new physics and measurements of rare SM processes by studying multilepton events. I'm currently organizing the SUSY multilepton effort (RA7). My work in the Tracking POG has focused on using multi-variate techniques to describe the track quality and to reduce the duplicate rate. I also co-convene the Strips Online DAQ group, which ensures stable running from the Tracker.