LPC Distinguished Researcher


Abdollah Mohammadi


Kansas State University

What I will be working on:

As an LPC fellow, I plan to initiate a search for Dark Matter (DM) in newly proposed "Coannihilation Codex" model. This new DM search proposal would complement the current generic X+MET searches carried out at LHC. Additionally I plan to involve in the observation of the SM Higgs boson to a pair of tau leptons. The 5 sigma discovery should be reachable with LHC run 2 data. I also plan to continue my involvement in the phase 1 upgrade of the HCal and specifically in the HB electronics.

My role in CMS past and present:

I joined CMS as a PhD student in 2009. As my PhD thesis entitles: "Tau at CMS, from tau lepton and tau in SM measurement to tau role in discovery", I contributed to the various domains of physics analyses including tau object commissioning, SM precision measurement and Higgs boson discovery. I conducted the first and only measurement of the W to tau nu cross section in CMS and contributed to the search for SM Higgs boson to ZZ with 2 leptons and 2 taus in final state. As a postdoc I led the analysis of the search for the SM Higgs boson in tau pairs final state associated with W/Z boson following by searches for BSM Higgs decays including taus and exotic Higgs decays in 2HDM. I have served as tau identification convener for 2 years and currently I am the CMS contact person in the Higgs exotic decay subgroup of LHC Higgs cross section working group. In the Extotica domains, I also have conducted the search for third generation of leptoquark and heavy right handed neutrino with 13 TeV data. On the hardware side, I have been involved in the upgrade of the hadronic calorimeter, specifically commissioning the calibration module of the HE phase 1 upgrade.