LPC Distinguished Researcher


Sezen Sekmen


Kyungpook National University

What I will be working on:

I will extend and generalize SUSY searches with boosted objects with new channels and methods. I will also organize the full model SUSY interpretation studies for Run2, and start a dedicated full model interpretation effort for Natural SUSY. Furthermore, I will coordinate the FastSim development effort to improve the consistency between FullSim and FastSim by identifying and correcting sources of discrepancy, and to prepare the FastSim framework for the upcoming CMS detector upgrades. I will also contribute to Phase1 upgrade work and be responsible for testing the new HCAL HB/HE electronics.

My role in CMS past and present:

I have focused on SUSY and Higgs searches with the CMS data. I have developed hadronic searches with b tagging, and devised the first CMS SUSY search with boosted objects. I have pioneered the systematic combination and interpretation of SUSY searches with the generic phenomenological MSSM model. I also worked on Higgs measurements in the WW channel and on Higgs combination. I have developed triggers for SUSY searches and for HCAL; studied b tagging and boosted object tagging methodologies; and coordinated SUSY MC production. I have co-developed a generic ntupling and analysis tool for CMS, and am currently leading the CMS fast simulation software development effort.