LPC Distinguished Researcher


Sezen Sekmen


Kyungpook National University

What I will be working on:

I will continue work on SUSY searches with boosted objects and razor variables, and make progress on our new SUSY search in the disappearing tracks and jets final state. I will also organize the full model SUSY interpretation studies for Run2 using the phenomenological MSSM. Furthermore, I will keep coordinating the CMS FastSim development, to improve consistency between FullSim and FastSim, and to finalize preparing FastSim for the upcoming CMS detector upgrades. I will also contribute to Phase1 upgrade work and be responsible for testing the HCAL HB electronics.

My role in CMS past and present:

I have focused on SUSY and Higgs searches with the CMS data. I have developed hadronic searches with b tagging, and devised the first CMS SUSY search with boosted objects. I have pioneered the systematic combination and interpretation of SUSY searches with the generic phenomenological MSSM model. I also worked on Higgs measurements in the WW channel and on Higgs combination. I have developed triggers for SUSY searches and for HCAL; studied b tagging and boosted object tagging methodologies; and coordinated SUSY MC production. I have co-developed a generic ntupling and analysis tool for CMS, and am currently leading the CMS fast simulation software development effort.