LPC Distinguished Researcher


Daniel Noonan


Florida Institute of Technology

What I will be working on:

As an LPC Distinguished Researcher, I will be working on measurements of the top quark and the Phase 2 HGCAL detector upgrade. In particular I will be working on precision measurements in the top quark pair plus photon production channel (tt+gamma). The associated production of top quark pairs with bosons allows for the probing of the top quark couplings. I plan to continue the measurements of the tt+gamma channel, including using this channel to probe effective field theories beyond the standard model which would effect the coupling of the top quark to photons and the potential for measurements of the top quark charge asymmetry in this channel. For the Phase 2 upgrade, I will be working on the development of the endcap concentrator ASIC for the readout of the HGCAL subdetector.

My role in CMS past and present:

I have been a member of the CMS collaboration since 2009, involved in analyses within the top quark physics group and Phase 1 upgrade of the HCAL detector. Within the top group I have previously been involved in the measurement of single top quark production in the tW channel. Currently, I am working on the measurement of the cross section for tt+gamma production and the measurement of the top quark mass. On the hardware side, I lead the effort for the testing and installation of the new front end electronics for the Phase 1 upgrade of the HF subdetector. I also contributed to the testing of the electronics for HE and HB Phase 1 upgrades, specifically in the testing and calibration of the QIE ASICs.