LPC Distinguished Researcher


David Ren-Hwa Yu


Brown University

What I will be working on:

My current research focuses on searches for new bosons in hadronic final states, particularly with lower masses where large backgrounds and limited trigger bandwidth restrict conventional dijet searches. Such particles are candidates for mediators of interactions between dark matter and Standard Model particles. Several techniques have recently been explored to evade the trigger limitations, including online b-tagging, dedicated double b-tagging, trigger-level analyses, and boosted production with jet substructure. These techniques have also been used to search for the boosted production of Higgs bosons. I also participate in the operation of the CMS hadronic calorimeter as the responsible for data quality and monitoring. Current work includes automatization of the monitoring workflows using machine learning algorithms, as well as supporting the ongoing upgrade of the HCAL readout system.

My role in CMS past and present:

I am currently the convener of the EXO Monte Carlo and Theory Interpretations subgroup, responsible for coordinating the Monte Carlo production for exotica analyses, producing summary plots of our results alongside those from other experiments, and facilitating the (re)interpretation of results using tools like HEPData. I am also the leader of the data quality subgroup within the HCAL DPG. Previously, I served as an EXO trigger contact.