LPC Distinguished Researcher


Douglas Berry


University of Illinois, Chicago

What I will be working on:

I will work on a search for a high mass Z' boson and the phase-II FPIX upgrade. The high-mass Z' search looks for a particle that decays to top antitop quark pairs. Due to the large mass of the Z', the three prong decay of the top quark becomes either a non-isolated lepton with a nearby b-jet or a large radius jet with three sub-jets. I will use multivariate techniques to separate standard model QCD and top quark production from the potential Z' signal. I will also test the RD-53 readout chip for the phase-II FPIX upgrade. In addition to improving the RD-53 test stand at UIC, I will calibrate bare RD-53 chips and RD-53 chips that are bump-bonded to sensors. I will also measure the performance of the RD-53 chip under high fluence.

My role in CMS past and present:

I am an active member of the B2G analysis group. I serve as the B2G group as the e/gamma contact and as a language editor. I am currently leading the Z' to quark anti-quark publication effort. I also worked extensively on the CMS FPIX phase-I upgrade. I lead the module testing effort for the CMS FPIX upgrade effort and assisted in the commissioning of the FPIX detector before its installation into the CMS detector.