LPC Distinguished Researcher


Jan-Frederik Schulte


Purdue University

What I will be working on:

I work on searches for new physics in high mass dilepton events with both resonant and non-resonant signatures. My focus is mostly on the statistical analysis and further developing analysis techniques. With the analysis of the Run 2 data coming to an end, I am interested in Run 3 preparations for this kind of analyses as well as other dilepton analyses like H -> mumu. I am also Tracking POG co-convener. We are currently focused on improving the track reconstruction for Run 3 and for HL-LHC by updating existing algorithms or applying novel techniques, such as tracking on GPUs.

My role in CMS past and present:

I have been active in searches for new physics both in EXO and SUSY PAGs since 2011, with a focus on leptonic searches, either for new high mass vector bosons or dilepton edge signatures in SUSY. Currently I am working towards the Run 2 legacy result for the high mass dilepton searches. I have been involved in tracker alignment before gravitating to tracking. There I have been responsible for tracking in the HLT for the last couple of years, updating it to make use of the Phase-1 pixel detector. Since September of 2018 I am one of theTracking POG conveners.