LPC Distinguished Researcher


Aram Apyan


Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

What I will be working on:

My research is focused on exploring the electroweak sector of SM and searches of BSM physics at the energy frontier. During my time as DR, I will work on finalizing the publications of the full Run 2 results for vector boson scattering (VBS) processes, including searches of extended Higgs sector and anomalous quartic gauge couplings, and improving the analysis methods for the future measurements with Run 3 data. The detection and measurements of the momenta of the forward jets and missing transverse energy are crucial components for these VBS/VBF measurements in challenging high luminosity environments. Machine learning techniques, such as deep neural networks, graph networks, etc. are powerful tools for pattern recognition and I will explore these techniques for extracting the maximum available information from the HCAL/HGCAL calorimeters at HL-LHC conditions.

My role in CMS past and present:

  • Hadron Calorimeter detector performance group co-convener, 2019-present
  • LHC electroweak precision working group co-convener, 2018-present
  • Hadron Calorimeter operations co-coordinator, 2018
  • Standard Model vector boson group co-convener, 2016-2018
  • Computing operations data transfer coordinator, 2014-2016