LPC Distinguished Researcher


Juska Pekkanen


University at Buffalo

What I will be working on:

As a CMS LPC Distinguished Research (DR) I will explore new techniques for improved Particle Flow (PF) hadron calibration and work on the integration of PF and the Phase2 high-granularity calorimeter (HGCAL). On physics analysis side I will continue in the di-leptonic ttbar resonance search looking for signs of Dark Matter and other exotic phenomena. As a CERN-based DR I'll be actively contributing to CMS operations and hardware development in the Tracker Detector Control Systems (DCS) project.

I look forward to joining the LPC community and taking advantage of the computing and storage resources. The CMS Phase2 and High-Luminosity LHC era is approaching fast and a lot of development is needed for ensuring the continuation of the successful physics program of the CMS collaboration. I am confident that as a Distinguished Researcher I'll be able to advance relevant projects -- also by helping in educating the next generation of global event reconstruction and jet calibration experts from the CMS LPC community.

My role in CMS past and present:

Since joining CMS in 2011 I have worked with calibration studies of hadronic jets and Particle Flow event reconstruction. As a post-doctoral research associate for the University at Buffalo I have continued strong involvement in CMS jet calibration efforts and development of the Particle Flow algorithm. I acted as a L3 convener of the jet energy correction group 2019-2021 and now coordinate the Particle Flow group as a L2 convener.

I have always been active in CMS online operations and outreach work and will continue regular shifting, visit guiding and other educational activities also as a DR.