LPC Distinguished Researcher


Christopher Madrid


Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

What I will be working on:

As an LPC DR, I will continue my work on the Mip endcap timing layer (ETL). This will encompass several ETL activities at Fermilab, from the characterization of the frontend sensor performance to overseeing the production module assembly, right through to system readout development and finalizing performance assessments. Additionally, I'll perform a Dark Matter search with CMS, specifically targeting non-resonant strongly coupled DM, which produces semi-visible jet objects. This pursuit will heavily rely on the development of innovative machine learning techniques to boost our detection sensitivity to these distinct jet-like signatures.

My role in CMS past and present:

In early 2017, amidst Run 2, I joined the CMS experiment and played a vital role in the phase 1 upgrade of HCAL. I participated in testing the new frontend electronics at test beams, updated their simulation in CMSSW, ensured their QA/QC throughout production, and actively contributed to their installation into CMS. I am now working extensively on the novel Mip endcap timing layer (ETL), focusing on its state-of-the-art timing sensors and their integration into the full system readout. Currently, I am the machine learning knowledge subgroup co-convener as well as the ETL system test L3 co-coordinator. Additionally, I have conducted machine learning-driven searches for Stealth and R-parity violating Supersymmetry.