LPC Graduate Scholar


Kamal Lamichhane


Texas Tech University

What I will be working on:

BSM theories like Extra-Dimensions predict heavy resonance corresponding to a graviton dominantly decaying to a pair of vector bosons. I will work on search for a heavy resonance decaying to a pair of vector bosons (ZZ/ZW) where Z decays to a pair of neutrinos and Z/W decays to a merged jet due to the boost. I will explore the heavy resonance production via Vector Boson Fusion process for which the public result is not available so far for Run 2. I will also work on test/characterization/and calibration of the read out electronics ("QIE card”) for the upgrade of the CMS hadron calorimeter (HCAL) barrel(HB). During LHC long shutdown 2 in 2019, CMS will upgrade the photosensors and all on-detector readout electronics of the HB.

My role in CMS past and present:

I began working with CMS in 2014 at Texas Tech University. I have contributed on HCAL detector and reconstruction algorithm performance study. In 2016, I contributed in the operation of HCAL as Detector on Call (DOC). I have contributed and will continue to contribute to the smooth operation of the Remote Operation Center (ROC) at TTU for HCAL data quality monitoring. I have been contributing on the sensor/module production at TTU for the HGCAL upgrade. I am a member of CMS Young Scientist Committee.