LPC Graduate Scholar


Cristina Mantilla Suarez


Johns Hopkins University

What I will be working on:

I plan to continue the existing program for searches of low mass resonances at high-pT by analyzing the Run II legacy dataset. These searches overcome limitations imposed by the trigger bandwidth and the large multijet background, by requiring boosted production in association with an initial state radiation jet. I will work on incorporating improvements on the background estimate to reduce systematic uncertainties and on the use of CMS scouting data to reduce the pT threshold. I will also explore the identification of similar boosted topologies using jet substructure. Finally, I will contribute to the maintenance of the pixel offline reconstruction algorithm and Pixel Phase II sensor testing.

My role in CMS past and present:

I began working in CMS in 2015 as a CERN Summer student in the TOP group. I was a visitor at LPC before beginning my graduate studies at Johns Hopkins in 2016. Since then, my focus has been on searches for low mass resonances at high pT in hadronic final states. I contributed to the CMS Phase I pixel module testing and I am currently part of the pixel sensor testing effort for the Phase II upgrade. I also work on the offline reconstruction of pixel hits.