LPC Graduate Scholar


Doyeong Kim


Kansas State University

What I will be working on:

I plan to work on a search for HH→bbVV where one of the vector bosons decays leptonically, and the other decays hadronically. The main difficulties of this analysis are controlling the top background and estimating to multi-jet background and related systematic uncertainty. I plan to overcome the challenges by utilizing graph neural networks and my experience in H→𝜏𝜏 analyses. This analysis will also significantly broaden ongoing di-Higgs efforts at the LPC as we aim to cover a new final state, thus far not explored at CMS. In addition, I intend to work on developing and testing a readout chip of the MIP Timing Detector, which is on the critical path of the Phase II upgrade of the CMS detector for the high luminosity LHC.

My role in CMS past and present:

Starting from 2017, I joined CMS. Since then, I have made leading contributions to the measurements of the Higgs boson properties, such as the simplified template cross-section, differential cross-section, and anomalous coupling with H→𝜏𝜏 decay as well as to the Phase I upgrade of hadronic calorimeter of the CMS detector.