LPC Graduate Scholar


Wei Wei


UC Davis

What I will be working on:

I plan to participate in the HL-LHC upgrade of outer tracker system. I will work on the Tracker Barrel with Pixel-Strip modules (TBPS) mechanics and integration projects, including the preparation of a multi-channel test station and integration test as the construction of tracker module commences. In addition, I am bringing a physics analysis search for top quark pairs produced in conjunction with a pair of Higgs boson (ttHH) in the semileptonic decay channel of the top quark and with both Higgs bosons decaying to b quarks. This analysis takes advantage of powerful machine-learning techniques with Boosted Decision Trees and DNNs and will be the first search for ttHH using the full Run 2 dataset.

My role in CMS past and present:

I joined CMS in 2019. First, I worked on the measurement of thermal properties for aluminum/carbon fiber composite (AlCF) and aluminum nitride (AlN) for use as spacers in PS and 2S modules for HL-LHC. I performed a statistical study of ALCARECO producer of Lorentz angle monitoring for the pixel detector and developed the Lorentz angle calibration PCL modules beginning in 2020. I also participated in a search for ttHH production in a simplified EFT model. More recently, I have been developing a machine learning enabled search for ttHH in SM. I joined the preparation of a multi-channel test station for TBPS modules integration test at SiDet when I moved to Fermilab in April, 2023. In addition, I serve as the CMS HBB MC contact and work on preparations for Run 2 UL analyses, Run 3 production, and beyond.