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Anton Poluektov

October 4th

Day Speaker Topic Where
Oct 4th at 2pm Anton Poluektov(Warwick) Latest results on CP violation and rare decay measurements at LHCb WH11 NE (Sunrise)

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Guest: Anton Poluektov
Date: October 4th
Time: 2pm
Topic: Latest results on CP violation and rare decay measurements at LHCb
Where: WH11 NE (Sunrise)


The properties of the observable Universe suggest that physics beyond the Standard Modes should exist. Precise measurements of CP violation and rare processes can open the door to New Physics that may lay beyond the reach of direct observations. Unlike Atlas and CMS, LHCb detector was designed to carry out such indirect searches of New Physics in beauty and charm decays. In my talk, I will discuss what kinds of measurements can be used to search for New Physics. I will introduce the LHCb detector and its unique features, and will present the latest studies of CP violation and rare decays performed by LHCb collaboration. I will go through the details of a few of my favorite analyses, mostly the ones involving Dalitz plot technique.

About the scientists

Anton Poluektov is a research fellow at the University of Warwick (UK). Anton has graduated from the Novosibirsk State University in Russia, and obtained his PhD degree from the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics in Novosibirsk. He has been involved in the KEDR experiment at BINP, Belle experiment at KEKB e+e- collider in Japan, and is now a member of the LHCb collaboration. He serves as the coordinator of data preselection ("stripping") activities at the LHCb. His main research interests are studies of CP violation in B decays, in particular measurements of the Unitarity Triangle angle gamma, as well as spectroscopy of charm and beauty hadrons. He is interested in the amplitude and Dalitz plot analysis techniques, and their applications in a wide range of measurements in heavy flavor physics.