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Michele Papucci

April 25th

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Apr 25th at 2pm Michele Papucci(LBNL) Natural and flavored SUSY at the LHC WH11 NE (Sunrise)

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Guest:Michele Papucci
Date: April 25th
Where: WH11 NE (Sunrise)

Natural and flavored SUSY at the LHC

I will describe some investigations on the current LHC limits on supersymmetric particles, in the context of two theoretically-motivated scenarios. The first one, "Natural SUSY", focus on the regions of the Supersymmetric Standard Model parameter space which stabilize the weak scale in a natural way. These regions require the presence of light higgsinos, third generation squarks and a not-so-heavy gluino, while the rest of the supersymmetric particles can be much heavier than the weak scale. In the other scenario, motivated by supersymmetric theories of flavor, I will investigate the current LHC limits for non-degenerate squarks spectra which are still compatible with the low-energy flavor constraints. In both scenarios the LHC searches are not setting strong constraints yet, allowing "natural" and/or "flavored" SUSY models to still be viable options for beyond the Standard Model physics at the TeV scale.

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