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Roger Wolf

August 23rd

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August 23rd at 2pm Roger Wolf Search for a neutral Higgs Boson in the SM and MSSM WH11 NE (Sunrise)

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Guest: Roger Wolf
Date: August 23rd
Time: 2pm
Topic: Where: WH11 NE (Sunrise)


his summer the LHC experiences an exciting time, which has already revealed the discovery of a neutral spin 0 resonance, which is compatible with the expected SM Higgs boson, at a mass of 125 GeV. Within CMS this search has been conducted in five high priority search channels, one of which is in the subsequent decay of the Higgs boson into two tau leptons. This search channel is challenging but also very exciting. It is unique in its power to solely distinguish the SM from models with a heavy fourth fermion generation or the MSSM. In this presentation the search for the Higgs boson in the subsequent decay channel into two tau leptons is described and its role in the combined search and discovery and for the interpretation in models beyond the SM are dis

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