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Sanjay Padhi

May 14th

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May 14 at 3pm Sanjay Padhi (UCSD) Probing new physics using Same sign dileptons WH11 NE (Sunrise)

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Guest:Sanjay Padhi
Date: May 14th
Where: WH11 NE (Sunrise)

Probing new physics using Same sign dileptons

Sanjay Padhi earned his Ph.D. in physics from McGill in 2004, providing the first direct evidence for the existence of charm originating from the photon. He spent four years as a member of the ATLAS collaboration, including time as a Chancellor's Distinguished Fellowship at Wisconsin-Madison, before becoming a scientist with UCSD in 2008. He has been preparing for enhancements leading to new physics such as supersymmetry for the past several years. Currently he is the CMS representative (SUSY) and the co-organizer for LHC Physics Centre at CERN (LPCC) workshops on the characterization of new physics at the LHC. His recent search for the same-sign di-lepton final state presently provides the most stringent limits on SUSY particle production in CMSSM among the various di-lepton analyses by both ATLAS and CMS.

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